Talent Concept

We value our staff, attracts excellent and potential talents, and provides them with excellent development platforms.


Salary and Welfare:

Performance bonuses

Insurance(Five social insurances, One housing fund and Commercial insurance)

Birthday party

Holiday gift

Architectural trips

Holiday gift

Learning platform

Sports games

Health examination

Paid annual leave

Email your resume and portfolio to hr@ptma.com.cn


  • Designers and Engineers


    Assistant Architect


    Senior Architect

    Project Manager

    CAD Draftman

    Structural Engineer

    Equipment Engineer


We attaches great importance to skill training and career development of our staff. Each year nearly 1000-person-time employees attend all kinds of training courses which offer them a communication platform and also present opportunities for their rapid growth. In the meantime, training courses designed by PTD Academy provide a multifaceted communication platform among employees, companies and industries.


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